We’re Live on Kickstarter!

Our crowd-funding campaign for Duke & The King has officially begun. For the next 45 days, we’ll be turning friends, fans and family into members of royalty – a rock & roll Royal Family, as we’re calling our team of backers. To learn how Kickstarter works and see the great rewards we have available, head straight over to our project page.

(Be sure to watch the video to get a sneak peek at the film.)

Afterward, click over to the Facebook page to hang out with some other members of the Royal Family.

Southern Living Gives a Little Love to Duke & The King

Erin Shaw Street, a talented writer and editor at Southern Living, happens to be a huge Elvis fan. We like her. Turns out she likes us back. Here’s what she posted over on Southern Living’s site this afternoon:

As one of Southern Living‘s resident Elvis fanatics, it’s a project that has fascinated me. I hadn’t heard the story of Duke, and am eager to hear more, especially through the lens of Southern filmmakers.

Equally important is the mission of preserving the history of our Southern storytellers — musicians, artists, writers. We love hearing about these projects — share them with us!

You can check out the entire post here.

We’re Kickstarter-Approved!

After reading a number of horror stories about filmmakers having their projects either rejected outright or subjected to a lengthy series of changes to get approval, we weren’t convinced our Kickstarter campaign was a sure thing. Good news! After less than 24 hours, our campaign to raise completion funds for Duke & The King was approved!

“But what’s Kickstarter?” you may ask. Good question. Read more

Duke & The King

For the past six weeks, Kris and I have been hard at work preparing our next music documentary, Duke & The King. Like our previous film, Back From the Dread, Duke & The King started life as a part of our long-gestating project, Bayou Country. Here’s a little background on how that happened:

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