October 11, 2012 wannabef

Sunbelt Ag Expo taps SPE to celebrate the heritage of American farming

The annual Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia is known as “North America’s Premier Farm Show.” In this series of documentary TV spots, Self-Proclaimed Entertainment explains why.

By capturing the events and atmosphere of the 2011 Expo, Wayne Franklin and Kris Wheeler of SPE brought their signature documentary style to this campaign. Their goal was to highlight the tradition and heritage of American family farms. Stitching the campaign together is a narrative by an actual farming family who shared with SPE not only their experiences with the Expo but their feelings about farming in general.

Check out the first of the spots below.

  • Client: Sunbelt Ag Expo
  • Title: Family
  • TV :30
  • Directors: Wayne Franklin & Kris Wheeler
  • Writer: Kris Wheeler
  • Editor: Wayne Franklin
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