August 4, 2011 wannabef

We’re Kickstarter-Approved!

After reading a number of horror stories about filmmakers having their projects either rejected outright or subjected to a lengthy series of changes to get approval, we weren’t convinced our Kickstarter campaign was a sure thing. Good news! After less than 24 hours, our campaign to raise completion funds for Duke & The King was approved!

“But what’s Kickstarter?” you may ask. Good question.

Kickstarter is a platform for “crowdfunding” creative projects. Essentially, we set a minimum funding goal, create different funding levels and offer rewards for each of those levels. Then we spread the word to folks like you who then help us reach our goal. If we don’t hit our goal, nobody is charged a penny. If we do, then you’ve just become a vital part of making Duke & The King a reality.

It’s sort of like those NPR fundraisers we’ve heard for years, except our rewards are way better than a Car Talk coffee mug.

Stay tuned for more details and the official launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

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