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Own a Production Company for a Day…or Two…or Four

Our Kickstarter campaign for Duke & The King rolls on, though we’ve found ourselves in the doldrums that often happen at the midway point of a larger campaign like this. As is typical in most successful Kickstarter campaigns, we’ve been “plussing” our rewards as we go.

One of the new rewards we’re now offering is called, in keeping with the Royal theming of the others, “Royalty-Free.” That play on words is deliberate, because the reward offers the services of SPE for a ridiculously discounted rate.

The reward level was designed initially with bands in mind – offering them an affordable way to get a music video. Then we thought, “Why not offer it to commercial clients?” So we are.

You get four days of some combination of the following*:

•10-hour days with Kris and me shooting on location in DV, HDV or with HDSLR camera rigs. This includes audio kit, iPad prompter and interview lighting kit.

•10-hour days of HD post-production, using Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Color and/or Soundtrack Pro.

The value of this level is in excess of $10,000. The cost of this reward level? $5,000. (I’ll leave it to you to do the math.) And you don’t have to limit it to a 2-day production. You could apply this to a larger job for an instant $5,000+ discount.

UPDATE: Due to client demand, we’ve now added a two-day production reward for $3,500, as well.

This reward level is only available until the campaign ends on October 7. You can use the production services at any point afterward.

In addition to the production services, you’ll also receive a logo in the film’s credit sequence, downloads and hard copies of the film and its soundtrack and some limited edition rewards like t-shirts and posters. All the details are over on Kickstarter.

In the meantime, check out the Self-Proclaimed Entertainment showreel to see what you get:

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